Blueprint feat. Blackmarket – Part II: Reckless Ericka

Reckless Ericka opened the show, with their collection titled Brit Kid Goes To India. They’re also one of the labels from Singapore šŸ™‚
photo: Reckless Ericka

So here’s some background info to show them some local love: The four kids behind this edgy label graduated from Raffles Design Institute, and the group is a mix of Fashion Marketing & Fashion Design graduates. I think the mix works great for the label because out of all the labels, Reckless Ericka had the most impressive marketing guns. Fashion design is a ton of work, so it’s a pity to have it all go unnoticed. When you have a great team getting word out on the street, it just makes the work extra worthwhile.

Reckless Ericka’s catalogs & flyers were ready for distribution at the show, website is well-maintained (with a shopping cart function to boot!) with a mailing list option & their Facebook group is up. So as much as their collection wasn’t my favorite, they’ve definitely got their marketing act together.

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