Blueprint feat. Blackmarket – Part III: Elohim

Out of the lot at the Blueprint feat. Blackmarket show, my favorite was Elohim’s collection- titled CONTROL.FREAK, it really drew out ideas of asceticism and cleanliness with the use of lines, solid blocks of color and the occasional use of synthetic/wet look fabric to hint at high-shine, glamorous hospital gear (on the dress below, try and spot the plasticky flesh-colored fabric at the V-neck. there was a half-wet look, half-regular fabric shirt that piqued my tastebuds but was nowhere to be found on the online catalog hmm…)

A lot of designers use lines and blocks of color to do the whole ‘clean lines’ thingamagig, which runs the risk of being cheesy, but I liked how Sabrina Goh (designer) never veered into that zone and managed a sense of humor with the little mitts/gloves (see below)

photos: Elohim

I also covet her 3-slit pants, if that’s what it’s called (see below). Take it as the CONTROL.FREAK reinterpretation of ripped jeans/tights, doing away with messy frays and instead instituting symmetry and order. Take it as cutout-inspired pants cross-fertilized with ripped jeans/tights. It’s completely modern (&sleek!!!) at a time when people like holes in their clothes (see: cutout dresses/tops, ripped jeans/tights). It’s cooler than thou, and doesn’t try too hard. I love it!

photos: Sazeli Jalal Photography

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2 thoughts on “Blueprint feat. Blackmarket – Part III: Elohim

  1. rockstar on said:

    omg loveeee the photos !!! can’t believe this is coming out from asia !!!

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