Blueprint feat. Blackmarket part I

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Blackmarket entered the fashion retail scene last November as one of the projects on Jasmine Tuan’s To-do List. Jasmine who?
photo: Blackmarket

How about 1/3 of local label FruFru & Tigerlily, 1/2 of VJ Achtung!Achtung! & Senior Media Designer at Zouk…among other things. To be fair, the professional multi-tasker shares her Blackmarket reign with a few other (equally cool!) kids.

But I digress. They entered the scene last November, and now, cut to about 6 months later, they’ve nabbed the deal for Blueprint 2009. Remarkable for such a young outfit, considering Blueprint has historically (ref: Singapore Fashion Festival history) been championed by DesignSingapore Council, the government agency that promotes design in Singapore (duh), organizes Singapore Design Festival and hands out the President’s Design Award…among other things.

We can’t say for sure how the reins of Blueprint entered Blackmarket’s hands, but what we can say is that we’re damn glad the reins have come under Blackmarket’s reign.

The show opened with fantastic visuals (no prizes for guessing the brains behind them, methinks) presenting the essence of Blackmarket. They read:

The contemporary condition is overwhelmed with the sense of loss, artistic expressions are beginning to reside only to the hearts of creative people. Static thinking of the masses towards these beautiful creatures is brewing due to misplacement of control. We became a commodity, a vending machine for the economy.

We are retaliating and rejecting all the ideals of commercial bombardment. A situation, where the focus becomes your own self, resembling a starving person of the depression era and you need to be someone by hook or crook. We don’t need a condolence on our dead thoughts, we can resurrect, let our rebel yell resonate again.

When the words finished screening, the audience cheered. A fitting way to start a show (and store!) founded on revolution for non-mass market/asian designers (although to clarify, Blackmarket doesn’t just retail Asian/local designs). With the crowd pumped, the show’s purpose was held firmly in perspective- always an important ingredient for a fab show!

The five labels presented were: Gian Romano, Stellarissa, Elohim, Reckless Ericka & Nikicio

We have 0 photos to show for because we all ran into camera crises, which = sad commentary 😦 Nonetheless, click on the links (above) to make the e-pilgrimage to their respective websites.

Blackmarket’s dedicated customer base was also out in full force (you can tell because 90ish % of the crowd fit the hipster profile), like a good Blackmarket Army….& when any store/label/designer (or in this case, designers) have an ardent niche crowd to show for, you know they’ve hit the spot.

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