Blueprint feat. Blackmarket – Part IV: Nikicio & the Kickass Finale!

Will we ever stop talking about the Blueprint feat. Blackmarket show? Naaah. Not until we’ve run out of things to say.

Found better pictures over at Fash-E’s blog… and the commentary continues!

So here’s a better look at them hawt 3-slit pants (God, I dole out such unglamorous names):

Tried to find them silver platform sandals over at Nikicio because they had such a cute heel! Think v-shape bulb. Not to mention the sandals were a good balance between high and low,…which sent the !SCHOOL SHOE STAPLE! bell ringing. But alas, the online catalog didn’t have a high enough resolution, so I had to resort to using a picture that only makes it look like any other Marni-esque Charles & Keith sandal on the street. In their defense, they are not!!!! Right, like I have any pictures to prove it. 😦

Okay, Wishlist Item Rant, over. We talked about the killer opening to the show, but nothing came close to The Bow.


Can’t remember which label this designer belongs to (somebody, save my memory!), but after all the designers took their bow, the models started nudging him to the front. At first he tried to resist their nudges, but he caved in the end, shuffled to the center and toasted to the crowd with a quarter-full bottle of 42 Below vodka. For that, we love him like he loves his vodka.

Photos: Mercury Marketing & Communications

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