From AA to Annie Hall and beyond

Wow, get this: Woody Allen gets $5mil out of American Apparel for unauthorized use of an image of him from Annie Hall. Well, there’s more to it than just infringement of intellectual property, according to Woody. Still, 5 million bucks?

Uncanny though, that Annie Hall should crop up. Was looking desperately for a good shot of Diane Keaton in Annie Hall the other day, but to no avail.

The reason for this is that it’s about time we move on from wayfarers, sharp as they are. I’m feeling… round rimmed shades, sometimes called Lennon shades by virtue of John Lennon having worn them. But so did Ozzy. And Elton John (this is where you chuckle). Now, MK Olsen. Let’s not forget Diane Keaton in Annie Hall. So my question is, what are they really called?


Quite apart from these being intellectual and kooky (and therefore they should sit well with current hipster tastes), I just want a pair so I can dress as Yoko Ono this halloween x)

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4 thoughts on “From AA to Annie Hall and beyond

  1. zomg i wanted one too! last saw a pair at some optical shop at raffles place — they really make glasses with these frames you know! i call them… sun yat sen glasses.

  2. Parsons Boy on said:

    get those with removable tinted lens, now that’s sun yat sen.

  3. Miss. C on said:

    Haha I got the same vibe earlier this mth! But i think it’s cateyes for now. In the near future perhaps 😛

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