music is food.

It is a common misperception that fashion people do not eat. That is not strictly true. It is only that instead of food, they sustain themselves on alcohol, caffeine and music. These have the benefits of being fat-free, fuss-free and most of the time, free.

Tom Ford listened to the Eagles for inspiration back when he was at Gucci. Yves St Laurent had his Vivaldi. Aside from the various posterboys for Dior Homme, I imagine Hedi Slimane must have picked up quite a few tunes from Glastonbury. Karl Lagerfeld even has his own cd.

Music forms a key component of the inspirational ether that designers draw on, rather like oxygen. You can tell quite a bit about a designer’s work from what he listens to. It sets the tempo of the designer’s mind, models march to its beat and runways would not have their amped up drama were it not for the blasting stereos in accompaniment.

There is personal music and there is music for the show. The two can intersect but often, music for the show is left to the devices of people like Roger Padilha, creative director of MAO Public Relations and one half of the creative powerhouse who most recently brought Stephen Sprouse to you (and Louis Vuitton). Nevertheless, it begins with what inspires the designer because music can and should be a vital part of a fashion house’s identity.

So! Take out your ipods and start shuffling songs. Fascinating stuff.


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One thought on “music is food.

  1. eh i saw the karl lagerfeld cd at that cd shop!

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