Think Pink!

Pink Dot photos are out! Last Saturday, Hong Lim Park was swarmed with people who believed in the freedom to love! And since the dress code was (you guessed it!) pink, we figured people would get creative!

Here’s what we found! Leave us a message if you spot yourself!

Pants that balloon at the knees, a pink cardigan, and an incredibly fresh face:

Ooh la la, it’s Joanna Dong, local theatre’s cheery songbird and best supporting actress at the Life! Theatre Awards 2008. Joanna offered us pink Pocky so we are really loving her:

And a little girl who changed pink-ed her hair as well:

One of us should really do a piece on this — how sportswear has been muscling its way into streetwear. This adidas dress is really cute:

Special mention: we were totally blown away from this Japanese woman, who really has the sort of je ne sais quoi that PFYG really aspires to but will never attain. She’s incredibly tall and extremely gorgeous, and I think we’d all like to make friends with her if we ever see her again:

Photos by Js Foo.

It’s amazing how the appreciation of love and beauty transcends gender and sexuality. I usually have problems believing in this entire concept of love — but I believe all my GLBT friends have every right to be who they are, and love who they, well, love!

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2 thoughts on “Think Pink!

  1. deebot on said:

    love the pictures, JS!

    PFYG: je ne sais quoi lady’s fringe parts just like yours. x)
    we also seem to post entries at the same time…

  2. saythefword on said:

    unfortunately that’s the only similarity. she’s gorgeous! and yah we do!
    – pfyg

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