The Parsons Fashion Benefit

So, I’m more than half a month late, but Parsons Boy is going to appreciate this all the same:

Julia Blum - Parsons

This is Julia Blum’s slightly edgy graduating collection for women’s wear — she was named as one of the year’s most outstanding graduates at Parsons. Singapore is sending 2 people to Parsons this year: our very own Parsons Boy, and a very pretty little miss Jennifer C. I hope you’re inspired!

Even more inspiring, however, was this call by Cathy Horyn for graduating designers to perfect their craft:

…If there’s one thing right now I’d want to be tough-minded and disciplined about it is the craft of making clothes…My guess is the cost of clothing and the world-wide recession are going to put quality under increasing pressure. We’re going to see manufacturers cutting all kinds of corners to maintain their margins or just stay in business. But, if you’re vaguely serious about design, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t equip yourself with as much knowledge about technique as you can.

I think an understanding of how clothes can and should be made, and not just what looks pretty, shows deep respect for the profession. I say this as a layman, but to people who are interested in design and are poised to set the tone in fashion for years to come.

Read the full article here: The Graduation Season (NYT)

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3 thoughts on “The Parsons Fashion Benefit

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  2. Joce on said:

    Hullo guys!

    Just wanted to congratulate you all for the launch! finally a substantial meaty fashion blog. Great job guys, adding this to my favs! 😀

  3. saythefword on said:

    hey joce it’s me, jo!! sphanx much! missed you at blackmarket last night!

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