The Real Eco-Fashion



The other day over dinner, Parsons Boy brought up the subject of Fur, and in particular that he had read an article in defense of fur. The article reasoned that the production of Cotton (the bleach, the grinding machines, etc) was more detrimental to the environment than skinning animals alone. Fine, I don’t have empirical evidence on this, and a quick trawl on the Internet yielded no results for said article (Parsons Boy, how far into the Internet did you dig?).

It’s an interesting take on Fashion Ethics nonetheless. 

In my opinion, the real Environmentalists invest in timeless, high-quality pieces that don’t need to be replaced. That’s what it means to Reduce consumption.

The real Environmentalists go vintage and scout thrift stores. That’s what it means to Reuse.

The real Environmentalists rework old pieces, or alter them. That’s what it means to Recycle. 

You don’t actually have to bust your wallet to do your bit for the Earth. And I think in a country like Singapore where most don’t see the point in paying more for organic cotton, these three rules offer a practical and affordable way to stay environmentally-friendly.

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6 thoughts on “The Real Eco-Fashion

  1. saythefword on said:

    sorry jo, can’t find the article!

    anyway, three very distinct points i recall from the article were:

    1. it is hypocritical to attack fur and then condone goosedown pillows and such products when there are non-animal alternatives.

    2. the food industry treats animals quite horribly and all you have to do is read Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma to find out more.

    3. fur can be as sustainable, socially, ecologically and economic speaking, as non-animal alternatives.

    that’s about all that i can remember!

    parsons boy

  2. deebot on said:

    Parsons B., that was me. but Thanks for adding to the dialogue! x)

  3. saythefword on said:

    hannorh, harlo i am very un-intellectual one. and i am admittedly not THAT environmentally friendly.

    x. jo

  4. ying on said:

    When I was little, I once read an old book I had picked up second-hand on how to become a lady yadda yadda.

    In it was a guide to choosing your own fur coat, which detailed picking your own minks from a ranch, and how males/females (owing to the different plush) were better for different parts of your coat. Very bad – very graphic.

    Perhaps I will wear fur, but only if it is second hand. Recycling is eco-friendly.

  5. huang on said:

    Non sequitur. I wouldn’t wear my dog just as I wouldn’t wear my (hypothetical) cow. I’d play with my dog, milk my cow, and wear a leather jacket doing throughout.

  6. huang on said:

    *strikeout “doing”.

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