Hello From…

… Paris, Frankfurt, and now New York! I haven’t really gotten much but I’ve learnt:

If you want to save approximately S$1000 on a Chanel classic, fly to Paris NOW!

In other news, Saks is having a sale. Imagine Louboutins, Jimmy Choos, and Giuseppes being tossed around.

Anyway, I don’t have new shoes, nor new bags, but I have: walked barefoot on the grass towards the Invalides; eaten pork knuckle and almost cursed in delight; whacked some German schnapps (ooh nasty); and spent a bit of time taking in the wonder that is Saks Fifth Ave.’s shoe department.

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2 thoughts on “Hello From…

  1. PFYB on said:

    the jetset life is going to kill you, PFYG

  2. saythefword on said:

    hello mysterious pfyb! i love flying! HA. 🙂

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