Hermes, and then some on LVMH (as usual)

I don’t speak much about Hermes, mainly because I am in such awe of it, in case I taint this Establishment with the wrong words. Have to say that this interview with Veronique Nichanian of Hermes is rather interesting.

I’ve been thinking a lot about menswear recently, though I’ll admit I don’t know enough about it. There must be really few women in menswear design, really, since we’re usually so caught up about how we look. Really good to get a bit of perspective, though. She’s really excited about her work!

Also, I don’t know why, but I seem to have missed this article: LVMH to Finance Pugh. And it’s from eons ago!

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One thought on “Hermes, and then some on LVMH (as usual)

  1. ruebent on said:

    parsons boy (if you are reading this, please engage me), what do you think is the main reason that has kept women out of men’s wear? my plebeian perspective has been that many male designers start off with women’s clothes and somewhere along the timeline, caprice sets in and they start a diffusion line for men. but more often than not it culminates in a half hearted effort.

    why? why? is the answer is in michelangelo ‘david’?

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