Issey Miyake on Hiroshima

The New York Times this morning is rather sobering: A Flash of Memory

I tried never to be defined by my past. I did not want to be labeled “the designer who survived the atomic bomb,” and therefore I have always avoided questions about Hiroshima. They made me uncomfortable.

I guess we’ve always divorced fashion from politics — in many cultures the latter is always more respected. I don’t think I know enough about Issey Miyake’s life to comment much. Hasn’t he always stayed out of the limelight?

It’s odd how little I know about Issey Miyake, the man and the brand, considering I swear by the classic Issey scent. Just a bit more to think about the next time I pick up the bottle.

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2 thoughts on “Issey Miyake on Hiroshima

  1. anon on said:

    just how many in fashion are apathetic about issues that lie beyond their bubble?

  2. saythefword on said:

    jo — well i must say i’m no expert here, but i’m sure many designers draw inspiration from things going on around them, though I don’t know if their final work really impacts these issues. have to say, though, that it’s probably possible to stay in a little bubble of fashion one’s entire life, designer or not. don’t think that makes for a very fulfilling time, though.

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