Yet another one bites the dust?

Well, not yet. However, Escada is obviously facing a number of problems — and the recent cheer over Goldman Sachs’s and JPMorgan Chase’s stellar earnings have not spread to the fashion industry.

We should have seen this coming, really. A couple of weeks back, Escada sold off three brands to Mutares, a German investment firm. This pretty much reflects what the economy has done to Escada and the brands (once) under its wing:

Escada Group put its Primera subsidiary on the market at Christmas after it swung to an operating loss of €15.2 million (£13.2m) for the year ended October 31 against a profit of €15.6m (£13.6m) the previous year.

Escada FW '09: Going Gentle into that Good Night?

Escada FW '09: Going Gentle into that Good Night?

Now, Escada needs support from 80% of its bondholders (think of them as creditors) for a bank loan. Bruno Saelzer, Escada’s CEO, “is optimistic he can win over bondholders”. Really?

Coincidentally, for anyone who’s interested, CIT thought it would get bailout.

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5 thoughts on “Yet another one bites the dust?

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  2. saythefword on said:

    oops! wordpress classified you as spam! eh sorry hor lor pple a bit nerdy here ok!!!

    but that’s really interesting– i’m going to make sean read it.

  3. fastcarshighfashion on said:

    as someone who has to work with escada everyday, i would not blame them. the merchandise is just not as luxurious and exciting like it was.

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