The New Old.

Hello my friends! Where has everyone been? Life at the big H has been rather homey: I’ve been doing my laundry, vacuuming, writing court documents, and calculating financial ratios at the speed of a financial calculator (using a financial calculator).

Boston seems to be the place for consignment / vintage shops, though vintage seems to be a catch-all term these days: they even have racks for clothes from the ’90s! Anyway, I’ve never really caught on the trend because I’m always:
1. too lazy to dig; and
2. a little scared of the dirt; and
3. plagued by the thought of dead owners.

As a starving student (the dining hall food is beyond description) here, though, I’ve started to give second-hand um, well, second thoughts. OK WHO AM I KIDDING I just wanted to say I bought this:

Ksubi Denim Zip-Up Dress, Skinny, in Black; Beacon's Closet, NYC

Ksubi Denim Zip-Up Dress, Skinny, in Black; Beacon's Closet, NYC

I first chanced upon it a very long time ago at a Certain Store at HMV, where it was going for S$400. We hit it off immediately and I toyed with it in the dressing room on three separate occasions, though I left each time feeling more alone than I had after my previous visit. While it didn’t mind that I was a poor, starving student, who had spent all her money on alcohol and um, other clothes, the guy at the counter always looked at me like I was a girl who liked expensive dresses but had no money to pay for them (both true).

I guess it finally found an owner who could squeeze her fat ass into it (I say this with all the meanness and anger in my heart) because it disappeared from the racks after a while. But lo and behold! I found it going for USD44.95 at Beacon’s Closet in NYC! OK, so it’s consignment, not vintage, but they’re all well, old.

Anyway, I’ve also visited the famed Oona’s, which is just up the road from my room here. I spent my last USD 15 on a vintage pullover, though I really think pullovers haven’t really changed that much over the years. The dresses looked pretty interesting too, but they weren’t exactly made for pure feeling young asian girls.

I’ve also visited Poor Little Rich Girl, a vintage/consignment store that everyone hypes about. They had vintage clothes on shelves labelled 1950s, ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s (what?) but it was pretty much a miss for me.

I think deebot once said she was interested in exploring classical hipster culture and how the new generation of HipsterzZz seems to have adulterated it (ok, my words), but I’ll leave that to her. If you’re interested in thrifting or vintage (which isn’t exactly thrifty), here are a couple of links:
1. Refinery29’s list of online vintage shops
2. 1stdibs Vintage
3. Liebemarlene Vintage: this is so cute!

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3 thoughts on “The New Old.

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  2. i like beacon’s closet too! and its logo! and my sis gets her dance costumes from there! there are treasures everywhere !!!

  3. saythefword on said:

    hey candice! it’s jo! hah yes i think i might have a newfound love for places like these. i received a number of pins from them in the mail! pass you one if you like! 😀

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