A Couple of Points

1. Am I the last to find out that Herve Leger is opening at ION Orchard?

2. Do not queue to get into ION Orchard’s Louis Vuitton: go on a weekday morning if you’d really like to take a look. There isn’t that much to ooh and aah over, though.

3. I had the pleasure of reading Esquire’s The Big Black Book the other day — it makes for a rather entertaining read on the train. There’s a pretty nifty section on how to look like an Italian man in summer, complete with a balanced tanline and well-kept facial hair. Note: the look is never complete without a hot woman dangling off your arm.


I’m glad The Book doesn’t attempt to offer any advice on finance, though — one wonders how far the Portfolio section of any fashion/style magazine will walk you along Wall Street.

4. Summer for the Boys: sometimes we like our boys with their shirts on.

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