Alexander Wang for Men 2010

I’ll say it here first: Alexander Wang for Men 2010 can probably be recreated in a cK factory outlet store, for a much lower price. By the way, recreating portfolios is what we do when we do options valuation, but that’s just a nerdy thought on my end.

I haven’t seen the entire line, but the preview video is underwhelming. Might apologise when the collection is out and it’s fantastic, but for now, we can probably continue shopping at Calvin Klein and Muji.

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2 thoughts on “Alexander Wang for Men 2010

  1. rueben on said:

    oi pfyg you are seriously too free. either that or you don’t have a life besides doing 101 case summaries/readings and updating this holy grail.either way you’re better off because i can only do the former.

  2. saythefword on said:

    HAHA welcome to law school. you will learn to make time for everything else after a while! and you don’t have to read Every Word of the case ok! there’s a really useful way of reading cases: check out the green book you use for legal systems/methods/analysis.

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