Fashion Bigwigs Play Ben Bernanke

So, there’s been a little recession on information here recently (i.e. we’ve been caught up with our offline lives in SG/NYC), but here’s a pretty awesome nugget:

Fashion elite tries on stimulus for size

So, fashion bigwigs are coming up with a stimulus package for the industry: no bailouts, though — Lacroix and Escada remain… well, once upon a time. This final product, of course, is an extremely structured and sophisticated plan:

Ms Wintour’s big idea is to hold a global retail party for one night in capitals from New York to Paris, Beijing, Moscow and Rio.

Stores will be open late and host special events from celebrity appearances to mini-concerts, screen tests, portraits by fashion photographers and make-overs. Merchandise will be sold at full price and a percentage of proceeds will be donated to charity to alleviate what Tommy Hilfiger calls “the guilt associated with shopping during the past year”.

So everyone’s going to keep the lights on and serve champagne later into the night, but only because Big Sister Anna Wintour requested. I wonder if the Parisian boutiques are going to start operating on Sundays, though — that would probably make Anna’s convention more effective than anything the UN has ever sought to implement.

Also, it’d be rather awesome if her rescue plan works better than anything the Fed has pushed out in the past year (though I have to say, with respect, that they’ve probably already done the best they can, and suffered more sleepless nights without the luxury of free eye cream samples.)

Guess who means business? (Credits: Time Magazine, Federal Reserve)

Guess who means business? (Credits: Time Magazine, Federal Reserve)

Interestingly, I received a message from Fashion’s Night Out Boston in my inbox this morning.

In a global initiative to promote retail, restore consumer confidence, and celebrate fashion, U.S. and international editions of Vogue are coordinating evening extravaganzas in their respective world fashion capitals. The city of Boston has joined this global fashion celebration and Mayor Thomas M. Menino has officially made September 10, 2009 Fashion’s Night Out Day in the city of Boston.

You’ll probably find everything else you need to know about this event on the official Fashion’s Night Out site. Oh, and just in case you were wondering if we’re going to get anything better than the midnight shopping we already have, look for Singapore in the following list of participants!

FNO-Country List

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One thought on “Fashion Bigwigs Play Ben Bernanke

  1. Parsons Boy on said:

    I was there! and it was all very indulgent and nobody really bought anything.

    It certainly makes you question how strong a grasp a certain segment of the fashion industry has on our current realities.

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