Prom Night

Our dear friend JS reminded me a couple of weeks ago that it’s Prom period again! Girls are now trawling the streets of Orchard (well, there’s only one) in search of the Ultimate prom dress; most of them regret their purchases after a while.

While I was snooping around the top few levels of Far East over the weekend, I found myself beside a Mother (M) and Daughter (D) pair on their search for the Ultimate. After a minute of browsing, D grabbed a tiny dress of the rack and asked the sales assistant if it was available in Large. Sales assistant replied that there were only 2 of those dresses left, and they were on the rack. D stomped back and threw the dress noisily back on the rack. M, not noticing the commotion, asked D if she would like to try another dress. D mumbled, “Also don’t have my size; let’s go lah!” D then dragged M out of the store. I hope she found something suitable! Prom can be such an ego-bruiser for some.

For some reason, many secondary school girls seem to think that A Certain Orchard Road Label (no names here!) produces the Ultimate prom dresses — the glaring caveat is that they’re bound to be wearing the same dress as someone else in the room. Girls! Take inspiration elsewhere! If budget is a concern, getting your dress tailored might be cheaper than buying it from A Certain Orchard Road Label!

PB, I hope you learn to sew in time for your sister’s prom.

For those who need ideas, would Haider Ackermann ss10 work for you?

OK, maybe it’ll be a little hard to finish up that overpriced 10-course prom dinner with one hand protecting your modesty, but smart girls will find ways around it!

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