While Gold Prices are still High

First a dollar, then a gold ring — the Singapore Mint announced yesterday that it has moved into jewellery-making. It prides itself on its commitment to workmanship — I do hope it has built more into the Singapore Mint brand! Workmanship isn’t exactly the sexiest element of a brand.

Will this brand extension work? Or will our stubborn perceptions lead us to believe that the pendants, bracelets and rings smell of $1 coins?

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2 thoughts on “While Gold Prices are still High

  1. Miss C. on said:

    Hmm… Would it resemble RISIS? Hmm… A brand persuades, but workmanship speaks. They need quality, otherwise it’s just another souvenir or coin.

  2. saythefword on said:

    hello, my dear! how have you been? you’re right, workmanship counts, but I’m really not sure how far the brand will go in persuading customers to ditch the mainstream jewellers. i’ll update you on this! 🙂

    – jo

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