Tribute to Gwen Stefani’s hair, circa 1999

Lately I’ve been giving serious thought to incorporating streaks of color in my hair — I say this even though hair trends do not usually sway me (evidence: my hair has never really veered far from the “long, straight & tousled” track), but i’m absolutely gripped by the idea of playing with hair colors the way we do with manicures and pedicures.

I was struck by the most serious case of hair envy when I saw Lady Gaga’s magical unicorn-worthy locks

While thinking how I could ever interpret something like this for my black mane, my memory took me back to 1999 — and I realized, God! We’ve all been fooled. Gwen Stefani was the pioneer of playing around with hair dyes!

Katie Shillingford might have kicked off the ombre hair trend….

…but to give credit where it’s due, Gwen came first. In 1999, no less.

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One thought on “Tribute to Gwen Stefani’s hair, circa 1999

  1. dee, you’re back! HAPPY! 😀

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