The Prada Japan Sexual Harrassment Lawsuit

I’ve been rather interested in a number of articles of late, including:
1. SEC v Goldman Sachs
2. Opening of the Circle Line (omg, it’s like the biggest event in Singapore)
3. The lawsuit against Prada Japan.

If you haven’t really heard much about this lawsuit, this article is a rather good reader on it. However, note that it seems to confuse allegations of sexual harassment and workplace discrimination, which are separate issues altogether.

Rina Bovrisse, an ex-employee of Prada Japan, has brought a suit against the management for workplace discrimination (though the article highlights incidents of sexual harassment too). I’m particularly interested in this quote:

According to Bovrisse, he often told his associates who were in charge of hiring that “Females over 30 without husbands and children are disgusting.”

Traditional Japanese society has for some time labelled such women 負け犬 (read: mah-keh-eeh-nu), or “loser dogs”. Yet, this segment has grown in the past decade — to the extent that there seems to be some pride in being a “loser dog”. See Lagorio, “Japan’s Women Defy Pressure to Wed”, CBS News. Little wonder someone is bringing a suit against the Italian giant this time.

I also wonder if Prada Japan’s sales figures will be affected as this case develops. The complainant seems to be just the sort of woman that Prada Japan caters to — fashionable, young, and financially independent.

On a separate note, privately-supplied legal dispute resolution seems to be a hot topic. For a long time now, academics have noted that the yakuza has played an extremely active role in resolving legal disputes, well, extra-legally in Japan. I’ll probably do more research this summer — foresee a lot of literature on this in Japanese.

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