Mulberry for Target

So, Mulberry, like everyone else, is working with mass market retailer Target on a line for us, the great unwashed. Will we get a more affordable version of the Alexa?

I’d like to see how they play around with the materials — is it possible to have an affordable leather bag? Our dear friend and Vuitton fan SY tells me about some great leather companies in China, but they seem to be more interested in working on their own label than with the major retailers. Anyway, PB will be back in New York then so we’ll probably get more first-hand reviews about the Mulberry for Target line.

On the side, I hope LV X Carrefour never happens.

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One thought on “Mulberry for Target

  1. rueben on said:

    hello, i saw this random comment on FH and i thought i might reproduce it here for everyone’s reading pleasure. More importantly, it was acquired a targeted attack at a prominent fashion blogger, Andy, of fame.

    Anonymous said…

    I don’t like random fashion bloggers. Although, I do respect those who work and has education within fashion industry.

    Andy’s blog is based on “oh, I really like these shoes, I think they are cool”. It looks like the only thing a fashion blogger can say: “it looks cool” otherwise, no other arguments or knowledge about fashion theory/history can be made.

    I find your question a bit stupid, you asked if she is copying other girls. Well, my dear blogger, if you would buy Martins Lindstrom book “buyology”, you can find there a basic theory why do we buy, for example fashion. It has something to do with mirror neurons and dopamine. Everybody is copying someone, something. Moreover, there are some other theories which are very important to know and understand, for example “trickle-down theory”?? We exist, because we copy (mirror neurons).

    Oh, and other thing about her wanting to be a fashion magazine editor, God, I hope no, otherwise this industry is getting down. People, get an education and develop knowledge about fashion and leadership management, personal branding and stuff instead of dreaming. Style is very important in this industry, but knowledge and personality will be your futures shaper.

    Andy is 23-something girl and she sounds lame when she speaks about fashion. Maybe, smart and sweet girl in other areas, apart from fashion. Get and education or interested in what you really do.

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