S.Korea’s growing luxury market

WSJ reports that South Korean is the new “luxury friendly” market. Well, it seems the chaebols are doing better than the zaibatsus are (or the wives already have all that they want), juxtaposing the burgeoning luxury market in South Korea against the flailing one in Japan. Then again, it might just be the work of the masses, or at least of the awesome upper middle class.

Now I know it’s a bit silly to make this reference here, but I thought it was really apparent in Prosecutor Princess, this Korean drama I am not embarrassed to admit watching to (ok, maybe just a little). In it, the legally-trained bimbotic daughter of a self-made magnate struggles to find her place as a public prosecutor, even though she’d rather spend her time filling her walk-in wardrobe with new things. It showcases an awesome array of clothes and bags — in exchange for which I’d be willing to be a PP.

Maybe it is time to head to Korea again.

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