Vintage Japanese Advertisement Posters

How nice: Kirin beer, Gekkeikan sake, and legal cigarettes.

(from here)

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6 thoughts on “Vintage Japanese Advertisement Posters

  1. ooh. i think we have a bottle of Gekkeikan sake at home. But i didn’t like it though, so it was wasted on me:/ The poster is really nice though!

  2. saythefword on said:

    hi lari! yah i think gekkeikan isn’t as good compared to the others, but it’s pretty decently priced! i love these posters i think i’ll collect more of them online or something.

    • hahha. somehow or other they don’t make posters like they used to. Maybe digital photography wasn’t such a good thing after all 😡 It’s like how mooncake boxes always look prettier with those old school ladies.

  3. were this interwar posters? the construction and naval motifs are quite telling. they resemble old shanghainese posters probably because a number of zaibatsus were operating in interwar shanghai too.

    nice find!

  4. saythefword on said:

    hi baobei, why are you papaya?

  5. this is greattt

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