The Annual Homecoming

So, I’m back from HKG and simply passing time till the school makes it compulsory for me to attend classes again. Nothing much happened in the other Asian city, except three pairs of shoes and some woolly things.

Much more has happened in Singapore. I have been led and have led to a new coffee place, The Plain, which I grudgingly share. It’s tucked away at Craig Road, and shares an address with a small law firm. The Plain serves really good coffee and the people are incredibly pleasant, which makes me feel almost bad for overstaying my $5.00 welcome.

I have met up with friends and talked about nothing over coffee at said coffee place. I have sat down at a random coffee shop and eaten random tze char things with friends. I have watched Saint Jack, a movie previously banned for portraying my tiny nation as a prostitution hub — I don’t know about the trade these days, but it seems we’re now also good for gambling and private banking. I have gone to Peksies’s house again to stuff my face with healthy food, and har cheong gai (or har jeung gai, as it is said).

That clumsily wraps up the end of my average year — B+/A-, in my critical opinion — like a disappointing present in an awkwardly-wrapped Tiffany’s box. For 2011, I hope for great health, big money, better grades, the gift of the gab, deep friendship and light conversations, weather that suits whatever I choose to wear, Dries van Noten, epic sales (online and off), and a strong exchange rate. And very but not most importantly, I wish you love.

(more by Max Wanger)

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