Hong Kong by Terry Richardson

The Hong Kong by Terry Richardson collection is up on display at Art Hong Kong, though I’d say it’s more about Hong Kong than it is about art. I’m in two minds about getting the book (if I can even get my hands on one) because I’m not a big fan of Terry Richardson.

But of course, I am a big fan of Maggie Cheung.

Maggie Cheung by Terry Richardson (Hypebeast)

OK, I’ll throw in a couple more for good measure. This is Gordon Liu, who was last seen in the period drama Relic of an Emissary (or 洪武三十二 / hong mou sam saap yi).

Gordon Liu, by Terry Richardson

Terry Richardson

(Photo credits: Hypebeast, Terry Richardson, WSJ)

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2 thoughts on “Hong Kong by Terry Richardson

  1. thanks for the heads up. I know where I’ll be dropping by this weekend. like you, I’m not too keen on the way he works, but I’m interested to see his version of hong kong.

  2. saythefword on said:

    have fun! i’ll be checking your blog for updates! 🙂

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