It’s not a uniform, darling

The problem with not writing is that it becomes easier to not write, in the same way it only becomes easier to not use one’s brain. The art of griping once mastered, however, does not go away with time. It’s a little like learning to swim, or to ride a bike, although I never quite bothered with the latter.

We started the F-word because we wanted to talk to one another (and into the void that is the Internet) about fashion, amongst other things. These days I politely reject any suggestion that I am interested in fashion, because it doesn’t seem to say anything about anyone anymore. Everyone seems interested in fashion these days, if being interested means reading blogs and queuing overnight at H&M.

I am, however, still intrigued by narratives. Part of a person’s story, though, is told through objectics — so how one fashions oneself forms part of his dialogue with the world. In this way some stories are whispered and some shouted out loud, but the streets, the streets are filled with stories.

let them eat cake!

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2 thoughts on “It’s not a uniform, darling

  1. theclicheherself on said:

    I love the title very, very much.

  2. saythefword on said:

    thanks thanks. proof that i remain a bitch, after all this silence.

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