you, used to have all the answers

Of course I’m not here enough — look out for me at random coffee joints around town, if you’re ever interested (though I hope not). This morning I had my coffee and oats at home, which gave me enough time to do a little surfing.

This is what I came across: Peculiar Snaps (Vintage)

P.S. Julianne I thought maybe you would like these!

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2 thoughts on “you, used to have all the answers

  1. just saw this post 🙂 I love these, they have just the right amount of crazy.

    not quite the same, but i also like this tumblr called Awesome People Hanging Out Together, for gems like this, and hippie bands in their heydays:

  2. saythefword on said:

    this tumblr is awesome! why do you always have such interesting links!!

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