Smythson Scribbles

So, Sp’s headed to London today and I’m not pleased with having to say, “No, it’s OK, I don’t want anything.” There are, fortunately, two things I cannot have enough of — shoes and notebooks.

Last summer there were a number of amazing Smythson travel clutches on sale at Harvey Nichols in Hong Kong, but I resisted the urge to grab one in bright pink and turqoise. Yes, I am thrifty and sensible sometimes.

I wouldn’t mind, however, getting one of these notebooks for the Flat Black Clutch I recently acquired, and which I have yet to name (OK, because I don’t name my things). I picked some of the more interesting titles off the Smythson site — but note there are so many more here.

This last one was taken off a GQ feature — I’m not sure if they’re actually sold in the stores, but if they were I’d get one in a heartbeat! Also, I dedicate it to CA and her 鸵鸟包包.

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One thought on “Smythson Scribbles

  1. theclicheherself on said:

    love. cheers. love. love.

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