More, More Artists of the Floating World

Yayoi Kusama’s been in my mailbox quite a bit lately. So, while we’re on the topic of collaborations with Japanese artists, I thought it would also make sense to say something about her collaboration with Louis Vuitton.

I was rather disappointed the last time the Singapore Art Museum promised a great show featuring Japanese artists like Yoshitomo Nara and Yayoi Kusama — the collection was rather underwhelming and I found myself more interested in the magic markers at the children’s activity corner after half an hour.

A few months later I was walking along Sheung Wan when I peeked into an empty shophouse and found, sitting in the dark, a gigantic Yayoi Kusama pumpkin. I started peeking into all the units afterwards, but realised quickly that I had been walking along a row of funeral service / coffin sales parlours.

Righto. So Yayoi Kusama wants her work to spread far and wide, and her message to be left for generations and generations — and I suppose Louis Vuitton might just be the right medium for it. I’m really curious about what the collaboration will produce (Polka-dotted Speedys? Speedies?), but that’s going to take some time. For now I’m going to check the dates of the NYC exhibition to see if I catch it some time this year.

Oh yes, you can also get Kusama underwear now. I find the pumpkins one a little bit of an off-colour joke, though.

One question I have, really, is whether this extremely reasonably-priced une nana cool collaboration will affect the way we view the LV collaboration. But you know, I’m out for lunch.

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