The F-Word is writ by four friends who really like to talk to one another.

Pure Feeling Young Girl (PFYG) has had more than 22 years of experience in wearing clothes. She has irrepressible urges to walk, shop, and eat chicken wings. She also likes androgyny, structure, bourbon dry, champagne, luxury conglomerates and many things Japanese. This year, she will be based in Singapore but is determined to hop to Hong Kong every chance she gets.

Parsons Boy is a currently at, well, Parsons the New School for Design in New York City. One among many, he remains the F-Word’s Parsons Boy. When his schedule is not otherwise full, Parsons Boy dutifully loiters around Soho where he waits for the Sartorialist to shoot him.  

Deebot believes robots exist, which is why she is going to be the blissful owner of a majestic unicorn when she grows up (read: never). She’d like to add that lipstick is a food category & Wikipedia has lots of answers, except to the meaning of life. Deebot is also founder of the Pekface Appreciation Society, of which PFYG & Parsons Boy are members. 

Pekface is the official International Correspondent. She spends her time flying from city to city — so we don’t actually know where she is at the moment.


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