Go go Uniqlo!

Ignore the teenage dirtbags. Bloomberg reports that Uniqlo made a mistake in moving towards fashion items, which didn’t sell well. Analysts now state that it should stick to basic items.

Chloe Sevigny for Uniqlo, 2008

There is a Chinese saying, 事后孔明 (“shi hou kong ming”, for Dee), which refers to people who talk like they knew all this was going to happen, only after it happened.

I hope that by “fashion items” that “didn’t sell well”, the analysts mean the messy bunch of clothes that appear out of nowhere in the middle of each store; not to the +J collaboration, or less permanent ones like that with Shipley & Halmos.

So word has it that Uniqlo is going back to its original philosophy, which is rooted deep in the teachings of management guru Peter Drucker. His ideas seem to have intrigued Japan of late — I only found out when I read this rather entertaining line in the article:

“What If the Female Assistant of a High-School Baseball Team Read Drucker’s ‘Management,’” written by Natsumi Iwasaki, sold 1.21 million copies in the year ended Nov. 21, beating out Haruki Murakami’s “1Q84” and a diet guide.

P.S. I have that Astroboy t-shirt too.

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